We conduct prospecting campaigns for our customers and help them to set up their Go to Market strategy through a number of actions adapted to each assignment:

  • Campaign or long-term mode
  • Office-based sales staff outsourcing
  • Account mapping
  • Upsell – crossell database installation
  • Product/service launch
  • Targeting test (action/response study and potential survey)


Cold calling all your targets is now a thing of the past. We adapt our end-user prospecting approaches to the markets and deploy made-to-measure campaigns.


As channel management is time and energy intensive, we have gained valuable expertise to help you manage and develop your channel:

  • Dealer recruitment
  • Channel management – MDF budget management
  • Help – Hot line
  • Enablement – team building
  • Incentive – Channel Management
  • Transition marketing

    Data management

    Our approach:

    • Building the target
    • Sharing our targets and list of accounts with our customers before the campaign launch
    • Identifying contact persons

    Our services:

    • File updating and populating
    • Creating a database from start to finish on a target or segment
    • Database hosting
    • Database rental and purchase
    • Multi-platform subscription for each campaign
    • Scrapping
    • Database requalifying: populating Siret numbers, maintenance (CRM update, etc.)
    • Identifying new roles
    Marketing AND communication
    Producing/adapting assets
    • For a vertical market or for a market segment
    • Operation or partner-specific

    Adapting existing resources:

    • Translating and interpreting existing documents
    • Co-branding with the publisher’s and partner’s colors
    • Market verticalization of existing resources

    End-to-end creation:
    We create the asset with journalists and our in-house writers and graphic designers while meeting your graphic charter. Assets can be any of the following:

    • Motion videos (in 2D motion design)
    • Video recordings
    • White papers
    • Battle cards
    • Computer graphics
    • Podcasts
    • Blog articles
      Designing and implementing asset distribution

      We design asset distribution tactics that help you to reach your targets while ensuring sufficient message repetition. Our experts combine one or several media:

      • LinkedIn campaign
      • Digital campaign on Régie Media
      • Content syndication
      • Database e-mailing
      • Retargeting
      • Media campaign (TV, Press, Radio, Internet)
      • Social Selling
      • Media relations
      • etc.

      We implement the campaigns end-to-end by designing the required tools (banners, ads, e-mailing, etc.), managing their distribution and tracking the results of each media.


      Our campaigns are:

      • Customized
      • Pragmatic
      • Monitored